About Senior Care TV

Seniors consume a lot of television daily and prefer video and audio activated devises compared to reading. In recent years, mobile viewing an computer video has become more available to seniors ages 59 an over.

There are many informational resources on the web, but very little alternatives like video and audio resources.

Senior Care on TV provides educational support and resource networks to older adults, their families and the general public. We provide you with information, tips, referrals and support on videos about a particular area of older care you need to know more about.

Whether you are caring for residents in an institutional setting, a parent, relative, spouse, neighbor, or friend, we are committed to providing you with the very information and support to help you or your loved ones age independently and gracefully.


Mission and Core Values

SeniorcareonTV is dedicated to being a comprehensive online TV senior care resource. Our core values reflect this mission:

Deliver up-to- date information and resource for senior care

Help you access resources and provide support to allow you make informed decision about your health and care.

Seniorcareontv is a production of Stricken Age, Inc, a resource center for senior care services.

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