At Senior Care TV we are dedicated to providing informational videos for seniors ages 59 and over. As technology constantly evolves, so do the people who evolve around it. Video and mobile viewing has become more relevant in the senior community. For that reason, we decided to make it easier to get information via the web for seniors. There are plenty of books and online articles that are often difficult to read. We want to help the ones who want to learn about Aging issues, medical, financial and social support concerns such as Pain Management, Neck Pain Causes, Eyes and Dental management, Dementia Care, Care-giving support, Long Term Care Insurance, Elder Law and Estate Planning, Protecting your asset, Trust and Living will, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Benefits, Elder Abuse, and other helpful facts by creating informational videos. We understand the challenges that many people are facing and recognize that changes need to be made for the senior community. Stricken Age, Inc. has developed Senior Care On TV to move the older generations into the new ones. With our informational videos everyone can have access to the World Wide Web without struggling.


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